Not every Swim Cap is the same! Tips on picking the right cap from our range

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Not every cap is the same! Check out our tips on The Swim Centre's range of caps

Silicone Caps

  • will keep the water out
  • worried about that horrible 'hair pulling' feeling? If you prep your cap with some talc (see more about this tip in the product description) this won't happen and the silicone will be silky smooth
  • Size guide : junior or adult sizing is available.
    • Junior sizing fits up to 3 years old and petite heads
    • Adult sizing - after fitting thousands of caps I find that they can suit children from 3 years + as it give them more room for comfort and growth


Lycra Caps

  • Lycra caps will not keep the water out but are good for those who are sensitive to having a hat on their head
  • They are made of Lycra so unfortunately over time will perish/lose their elasticity due to chlorine
  • Size guide :
    • it is important that a lycra cap has a firm fit, if it is too big it will slide off or slide down over your goggles
    • the large size can fit adults but not with huge amounts of hair, I'd recommend a silicone cap
    • the large size would fit children from age 5 years + or those younger children with larger heads and/or with lots of hair 



Ear Bands

This waterproof ear band is ENT recommended to assist those swimming with grommets.

It made from comfortable neoprene with an adjustable velcro strap to get firm fit to hold in ear putty or ear plugs. 



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