Reusable Swim Nappies

The Happy Nappy prevents leakage of those unwanted accidents that none of us want to be sharing the pool with, protecting your child, you and all the other pool users.

Happy Nappies are available in size XS (newborn) - XXL (3 year old). A specialty jammer short is also available for older children. 

We can vouch for this product, over 41 years of running our swimming school we trialed and tested numerous products, brands and approaches. We found the Happy Nappy was the most successful reusable swimming nappy in preventing unfortunate and unwanted accidents getting into the pool. As protecting our swimmers was our top priority at our school Happy Nappy was the only brand of nappy accepted in our classes. 

Disposable swim nappies like Huggies Little Swimmers under togs are not effective in stopping poo leaks into pools - trust me we've experienced how useless they can be. 

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