6 - 14Y Boys Swimwear

 What makes Speedo swimwear so special?

Simply - Speedo's design experience and their world famous Endurance+ fabric creates swimwear that is packed full benefits: 

  • Starting with Endurance+ fabric - yes it's chlorine resistant
  • Colours stay bright and vibrant - no fading ... hooray!
  • Endurance+ fabric retains its elasticity so you don't get that horrid baggy/see through effect you experience with Lyrca as it starts to break down.
  • Speedo use a chlorine resistant thread to stitch everything together (not everyone knows that’s important too!) and ensure they literally don’t fall apart at the seams
  • Your child's swim suit has been designed with comfort and movement in mind the 4 way stretch technology of Endurance+ fabric gives added softness, comfort and happy swimmers! 
  • I swear, once our customers experience Speedo swimwear they never go back - don't waste your money on Lycra!