Caring for your Goggles

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Top tips to help you care for your goggles, so that you can keep enjoying them, swim after swim.



To obtain maximum benefit, keep lenses clean and free from dirt and grease. Rinse in clean cold water after every use.

Do not wipe or rub the inside lens of the goggleYou risk damaging/scratching the lens and removing the anti-fog coating.



Position goggles on face and stretch head strap over back of the head to rest at a 45 degree angle on the crown of the head. Continue to make adjustments until leaking stops. To clear water or to adjust goggles, tilt slightly away from face. Some Speedo goggles come with strap markings to indicate and measure the correct fit, for ease in adjustment swim after swim.



To remove goggles safely, put thumbs under head strap at side of head. Slide thumbs back of head and lift elastic from back to front of head.



Always take care when removing swim goggles. Never pull eye cups away from face as they may spring back and cause eye injury.  Discontinue use immediately if irritation arises.

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