Aqualine Silicone Swim Cap - Orange

Aqualine Silicone Swim Cap - Orange

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This is an 'adult fit' size however, after fitting thousands of children for caps I'd also recommend this size for children as it gives them more room for comfort and growth.

Tip - after use rinse with cold water, towel dry and to avoid any stickiness inside which can catch on your hair puff in a bit of baby talc powder inside the cap, gently rub the sides together to cover the inside surfaces and you now have a lovely silky cap ready for your next swim. 

Product Features:
  • Constructed from quality 100% silicone
  • Long lasting, and very comfortable to wear
  • Inside embossed
  • Non toxic, and non allergenic
  • Highly elastic texture
  • Helps protect hair from chlorine damage
  • 50g Silicone weight

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