Aqualine Silicone Ear Putty

Aqualine Silicone Ear Putty

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Silicone ear putty is easy to mould to the shape of the ear allowing a great seal and is much more gentle on ear canals than standard ear plugs and certainly more kid friendly. 

It is reusable so pop it back in your handy storage case or even a snap lock bag. 

Having used this product for years I've found 4 pieces have lasted quite some time (obviously depends on the size of your ear). Discard the ear plugs when they become dirty or lost their tackiness.

How to use ear putty

  • Take one piece of putty and cut it into quarters
  • With clean dry hands, roll the piece into shape it into a little ball. The heat of your hands will make the putty easier to shape
  • Shape one side of the ball into a small peak - like you are creating a pyramid. The piece should be big enough that you can mould it into the outer ear. If you think the piece is too small for your ear, STOP, add some more putty and roll again.

  • Place the peak into your ear canal and gently press into the canal and outer ear with your thumb or first and middle combined. TIP -if you are helping a child you will need to hold the other side of their head to provide a little resistance
  • We recommend using either an Earband or Swim Cap to then cover the putty due to water drag
  • If just for showering or bathtime then putty itself should suffice

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