Aqualine 'Nemo' Silicone Swim Cap - Orange

Aqualine 'Nemo' Silicone Swim Cap - Orange

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This is such a fun cap and a great introductory cap for those who are a little nervous as they can dress up as Nemo and love touching the fin on top of their head.

Tip - after use rinse with cold water, towel dry and to avoid any stickiness inside which can catch on your hair puff in a bit of baby talc powder inside the cap, gently rub the sides together to cover the inside surfaces and you now have a lovely silky cap ready for your next swim. 

Product Features:
  • Constructed from quality 100% silicone
  • Long lasting, and very comfortable to wear
  • Inside embossed
  • Non toxic, and non allergenic
  • Highly elastic texture
  • Helps protect hair from chlorine damage
  • Size guide : this is a junior cap so suits ages 2 - 5 years (small head)

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