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The Happy Nappy prevents leakage of those unwanted accidents that none of us want to be sharing the pool with, protecting your child, you and all the other pool users.

Happy Nappies are available in size XS (newborn) - XXL (3 year old). A specialty jammer short is also available for older children. 

We can vouch for this product, over 41 years of running our swimming school we trialed and tested numerous products, brands and approaches. We found the Happy Nappy was the most successful reusable swimming nappy in preventing unfortunate and unwanted accidents getting into the pool. As protecting our swimmers was our top priority at our school Happy Nappy was the only brand of nappy accepted in our classes. 

Disposable swim nappies like Huggies Little Swimmers under togs are not effective in stopping poo leaks into pools - trust me we've experienced how useless they are. 

How does it work?

The Happy Nappy's snug fit covers all of baby’s bottom nice and tightly and provides extra protection by having a high waistline and cuffs which grip the thighs. The soft but effective cuffs are made from nylon Lycra mix are designed to grip around the tummy and thigh to hold the neoprene nappy in place even on the most wriggly toddler and contain the accident!

This design gives you time to discretely remove your child from the water and change to ensure no contamination.

Product Features

  • Ergonomically designed to move with the baby as they kick and move about in the water, the Happy Nappy is shaped to cup baby’s bottom, whilst specialist waist and thigh ribs fit snugly to the child’s body, forming a seal that prevents any solids leaking out.
  • Manufactured from high quality 1mm thick neoprene, the Happy Nappy is comfortable, warm and easy to care for
  • Unique patented design for the best protection against faecal leaks
  • Technologically advanced for the best fit and comfort
  • Ergonomic panel design moves as your child moves
  • UPF 50+ for that extra sun protection
  • Great for use at the beach to keep your child warm and also the sand out of unwanted places. 

How to use 

Until your child is toilet trained it is recommended that you use a 'double nappy' approach whereby you use a disposable aqua nappy e.g. Huggies Little Swimmer as the first layer of protection with the Happy Nappy over the top, your second protection layer.  

This approach gives you even greater containment and time to remove your child if an accident occurs. TIP - it also means that the clean up is much easier and faster. 

Once your child is toilet trained you can use a single layer approach with just the Happy Nappy.

TIP - At this stage and age we began to refer to them as a Happy Short, the aim is to be able to safely continue to toilet train. The desire to 'not miss out' or being so engaged in an activity can lead to older children ignoring the urge to go and not exiting the pool to use the toilet and this can lead to embarrassment for the child when they soil the pool. We found the use of the Happy Nappy gives child, parent and teacher peace of mind and allows parent and teacher to work together to support the child through their early toilet training. 


About Splash About & Happy Nappy

Invented 12 years ago the Happy Nappy and has quickly become a worldwide success story. Used in 25 countries and multi award winning, the Happy Nappy is now insisted upon by most major swim schools in the UK and globally.


Size Guide

  • for waist - measure around tummy at belly button level
  • for thigh - measure mid and top of thigh (take into account those beautiful baby rolls)
  • you maybe between sizes, please select the size that best fits your thigh measurements
  • please do not buy a size with 'room to grow', you must have a snug fit for it to be effective in containing accidents and comfortable when moving in pool.





(Extra-Small) Newborn

31 - 36 cm

15 – 20 cm

(Small) 0 – 3 m

34 – 41 cm

17 – 22 cm

(Medium) 3 – 6 m

37 – 44 cm

19 – 24 cm

(Large) 6 – 12 m

40 – 47 cm

20 – 26 cm

(Extra-large) 1 – 2 y

42 – 50 cm

22 – 31 cm

(Extra-extra-large) 2 – 3 y

44 – 52 cm

26 – 33 cm

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