Swim School with Structured Swimming Lessons

The Swim Centre’s structured approach to learning


Below we have outlined our approach to ensuring we maximise the progress of each pupil. These are the main elements...

  • Initial and continuous pupil ability assessment and class grading
  • Detailed lesson plans and objectives for each day and each class
  • Variety – through all strokes and survival learning
  • Achievement awards – to reward and motivate


Pupil ability assessment and class grading is the first step; this ensures pupils are in a class suited to their ability.Swim School 


Detailed lesson plans for each day and each class are the foundation of The Swim Centre Swim School's success. Each pupil will be working towards achieving the various skills that are detailed in a series of lesson plans. This enables all our Swim School's Instructors to know the lesson plan for each day and for each class so they can be fully prepared. Instructors are also able to record whether or not a pupil has achieved the specific points to be covered in these lesson plans.


Achievements Awards are displayed in the lobby. There is also an award ‘path’ illustrating  the order of the award steps a pupil will go through while learning to swim. Parents find this very helpful as pupils know what awards they can look forward to doing and the key skills they will cover as these are listed on the certificates. Often pupils progress more than one stage between being assessed.


The Swim Centre’s structured approach (PASS) maintains a consistently high level of teacher focus on the key points to be taught to each class, on each day, while still providing Instructors the autonomy to personalize the way in which they feel each pupil is best handled.


Regular discussions occur between the Swim School's teachers to ensure pupils that progress at different rates are advanced so that they are always being extended …but not out of their depth (excuse the pun). There are many teaching styles. Some Instructors prefer to have private one-on-one, ‘quiet’ conversations with pupils and some prefer to be vocal; both approaches have their place.

To ensure variety and to prepare for the unexpected, pupils are also exposed to water survival so they not only learn freestyle but breaststroke which is vitally important as a ‘survival’ stroke and backstroke. The stronger swimmers are also introduced to butterfly.


Like riding a bike, swimming is a skill that once learnt, is remembered for life.

Our swim school's aim is to take each pupil to the point that we know they can... swim to survive.

The best results are achieved by regular and continuous learning.


PASS - Pupil Achievement Swimming Standards ... The Swim Centre's structured learning program

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