'Seeing is believing' ... we guarantee you'll be satisfied

The Swim Centre’s  ‘Seeing is Believing’ Satisfaction Guarantee


The Swim Centre on the North Shore of Auckland has specialised in providing swimming lessons to children since 1978. In the 32 years since then, we’ve been flattered by the gratitude of 1000s of pupils and parents. Many pupils now as parents themselves entrust us with their children's swimming and water safety education … A second generation of Swim Centre families.


Parents’ repeated positive appreciation is reassuring and confirms that our approach develops children that swim well, while also are very aware of water safety.


All swim schools are not equal … some are good ... while others are very good


We understand that deciding who you choose to give the responsibility of teaching your children to swim is an important decision … as learning to swim is such a vital life skill … (literally) .


Some decide on …

  • the price of the lesson and the length of the class … as if this represents good ‘value’.
  • how modern and big the pool is … the BIGGER the better
  • how convenient the school is … thinking about saving time,
  • how many outlets the business has … believing this represents experience and success in teaching children


As with any school that educates children the critical factors when making your selection are ...

  • the knowledge and experience of the teachers
  • a structured learning syllabus, i.e. a documented plan with realistic, staged progress steps.
  • the school is ‘child friendly’ … beautifully 34c warm water, an intimate private atmosphere that is non threatening … are the pupils, staff and parents happy
  • achievement is acknowledged and rewarded .. look at the achievement awards
  • of course the condition of facilities, particularly the pool e.g. they are clean & modern … ask for copies of there test results


… some teachers are knowledgeable and experienced

… some swim schools have a planned and structured syllabus

… so it’s very important to choose wisely


We recognise it’s difficult for parents to decide which are very good, based on ‘words’ alone, especially when the words are the opinion of the school itself ... so we at The Swim Centre provide our ‘new’ clients a guarantee we call our …


‘Seeing is Believing’ Satisfaction Guarantee … so you can ‘see’ for yourself

this allows you to book in with the knowledge that if after the second lesson

you are not happy, we’ll provide a refund of the remaining swimming lessons.*


Our approach is quite unique … we develop swimming skills in children that enable them to swim to survive. Our parents feel … as panic can be a problem, the most important thing to achieve is that their children are better prepared to survive if the unexpected occurs when they are in water.” Anne Scanlon - Founder and Principal Teacher


p.s. we have many many parents willing to provide independent verbal opinion on the performance of The Swim Centre


*the refund provided will be the balance of the amount paid after the standard cost of the 2 lessons have been deducted


Swimming Lesson

" We don’t claim to have a big flash pool or have lots of outlets and we’re certainly not part of a franchise.

There’s only one Swim Centre ... call us on 4443752 and we’ll explain what makes The Swim Centre unique "