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A Certified Swimming New Zealand Quality Swim School

To be acknowledged as a Swimming New Zealand Quality Swim School ...

A swim school is required to meet a set of criteria established by Swimming New Zealand. The criteria covers such standards as ethics, health and safety, pool water monitoring and sanitisation (see current results below), teacher qualifications as well as experience and most importantly a structured swimming and water safety curriculum. Each criteria is allocated a number of points. When the school achieves a points total in excess of 95 points they are eligible to apply to become a certified Swimming New Zealand Quality Swim School.


The Quality Swim Schools independent audit process is completed by the Swimming New Zealand Regional Education Managers with all registered Quality Swim Schools on an annual basis.


Swimming New ZealandThe Swimming New Zealand Quality Swim School award mark

The Quality Swim School mark is the national mark for swim school best practice. Only those swim schools who comply can be awarded and can carry the Swimming New Zealand Quality Swim School mark so that stakeholders and the public can instantly recognise the value this mark brings to a swim school and its swimming lessons. 


Ministry of Educationís Swimming Pool Water Quality Standard

The New Zealand standard which governs quality of water in swimming pools is NZS 5826:2000. The objective of this Standard is to ensure that the water in swimming pools is maintained to safe chemical and microbiological levels to protect swimmers.

To achieve this, a swim school is required to have an efficient mechanical filter system and chemical treatment routine to ensure the pool water is maintained in a safe and hygienic condition. To maintain these standards, regular testing is required and the frequency of these tests is specified in NZS 5826:2000. This provides the desired values for the correct pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness, freely available chlorine, total chlorine and other features that make up the pool chemistry.


A requirement of the standard is for microbiological monitoring to guard against harmful organisms in the water. This testing cannot be carried out by the school and requires pool water samples to be sent away to laboratories specialising in water treatment.


The Swim Centre's approach and record in maintaining pool water quality

The Swim Centre has an automated, computerised sanitisation system which tests the water every 3 minutes and micro manages the water quality by injecting tiny amounts of sanitiser so ensuring levels are maintained perfectly. To check this automated computer, manual checks are undertaken and recorded twice a day.


Additionally, The Swim Centre contracts an independent laboratory to undertake additional tests. The laboratory can choose to take a water sample at any time to ensure the test is an accurate and impartial reflection of our water quality. The Swim Centre has contracted these tests to be undertaken each month for over 20 years and are immensely proud to state that in all that time we have achieved a 100% record ... the results have met the required indicators of water quality hygiene.


The Swim Centre's Certificate of Water Quality

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