Frequent Q & As about swim lessons

Here are some frequently asked questions & our answers …

Q What do you think are the important features of a ‘good’ swimming school & 'good' swim lessons?

A  Experience, qualified, passionate teachers .. a very personal friendly family atmosphere  .. small classes ..  a detailed structured curriculum with awards to acknowledge achievement ..  low noise levels during swim lessons .. auto purified, well filtered really warm (at least 33C) water .. warm changing rooms .. non-slip floors and high levels of cleanliness throughout


Q How often do pupils attend swim lessons?

A  generally once a week although during school holidays some pupils choose to ‘catch up’ by coming to swim lessons more often.


Q How deep is the water?

A  1m with a deeper area that allows us to develop swimmers that are confident swimming out of their own depth and teach survival skills like treading water. Shallow pools do not allow these skills to be developed and worse still they develop a false sense of ability.


Q Do you use swimming aids?

A  Absolutely! We even have our own special aid we call ‘The Bubble’. All aids have a place as they allow movement and a greater level of activity which develops confidence, strength, balance and provides an extra level of safety.


Q How many pupils are in a class?

A  From a maximum of 4 in pre-school, 6 in schoolage to a maximum of 8 in the Parent & Baby groups. We also have ‘One on One’ swim lessons especially for adults or children to get them over their initial apprehension.


Q How long is a swim lesson?

A 30 minutes.


Q Can we visit to watch a swim lesson?

A You are welcome to visit us and view a swim lesson on the North Shore of Auckland, however we ask that a time be arranged and that you introduce yourself when you arrive.


Q What age should I start my baby in swim lessons?

A We recommend that a baby is at least 3 months before starting swim lessons however you can ‘start’ at home at bath time splashing small amounts of warm water over their face as it’s good preparation for learn to swim lessons.


Q Do you believe that the ‘sink or swim’ approach can work?

A Swimming is a not natural to humans. Therefore we strongly recommend this approach is not taken, as for everyone that may 'swim' there’s many many more that will 'sink'. Sadly those children that ‘sink’ may never completely erase the memory of that ‘bad’ water experience. A professional swimming school will ensure that the skills and confidence are developed so learning to swim is a positive experience, some will swim quickly and some take time, the crucial point is that all learn to swim.


Q Do your courses follow the school term?

A  No, our pupils learn continuously. It’s foolish to add the stress of stopping and starting and changing the other pupils in the class, so where possible the pupils in a class remain the same.


Q What happens as my child progresses?

A We’re pro active and will recommend changes to ensure progress is maintained. Every pupil is constantly assessed and achievement is acknowledged frequently.


Q How do you reward and encourage pupils?

A Achievement is acknowledged by high quality award certificates and embroidered badges, these are ‘worn’ with pride.


Q How long would you expect to take my child to learn to swim?

A This is difficult to predict, as you might imagine, as pupils are very different, however within the first course of swim lessons we can usually identify those that will be quick and those that may take more time and patience. It’s a lot to do with co-ordination, social skills. The good news is it’s like ‘riding a bike’ once you learn how to swim it’s a skill remembered for life.


Q Do you teach all ages and abilities?

A Yes from baby to adult, beginner to advanced. However when a pupil can swim all the strokes well and wants to takeup swimming as a sport we encourage them to join a swim club to be coached, our role is to lay the foundation.


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