School Holidays at The Swim Centre

School holidays ... fun & educational swim courses

Booster lessons ... we recommend adding 1 or 2 'boosters' to their normal weekly lesson

Parents say ...

  • “We're amazed by the improvement in confidence and skills after only a few extra booster lessons.”
  • “During school holidays is a the perfect opportunity to do Booster Lessons and School Holiday Swim Courses because our children enjoyed getting out & from my point of view as a parent it’s school holiday entertainment ... with a purpose."
  • “They did progress quickly with The Swim Centre's Booster Lessons and School Holiday Swim Courses, we suspect as the time between lessons was less they remembered what they had done in the previous lesson." 


Intro to Snorkeling + trip to Goat Island

Learn the techniques in the familiar environment of the pool ... then discover the fun & beauty of ocean snorkeling & put all the techniques to practice with a day trip to the sheltered waters of the marine reserve Leigh. Please contact us ASAP to join our next course on 19 - 21 January 2016


Intro to Water Polo

The Intro to Water Polo course will be action packed! Water Polo is a great team activity requiring swimming skills including freestyle, backstroke and treading water ... the speed of the game develops quick reflexes and thinking. Pupils will learn the essential skills and techniques to be able to enjoy and competitively participate in game play.

School Holiday Courses

 We offer intensive booster swimming lessons from 11 - 24 January 2016, if you are limited for time join us for as many lessons as you would like or we are happy to suggest the best number of lessons for your child that will see their swimming ability given a real boost! Take advantage of choosing a selection of lesson times and days that work around your other school holiday activities. Please contact us ASAP as spaces are limited.


" Parents entrust us with the responsibility to provide their child with the swimming skills

that they will remember for life ... to make arrangements call us on 4443752 "