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“Start early, start right … great beginnings lead to great results.”

Anne Scanlon - Founder & Principal Teacher


‘Buoyant Babies’ is a unique programme conceived by The Swim Centre, specifically designed to introduce babies, toddlers and their parents to the skills that are the foundation of a respect for water and future accelerated learning. The programme combines the best early aquatic education from New Zealand, Australia and United Kingdom with The Swim Centre’s own understanding amassed from over 35 years of innovation since it opened in 1978.


While the programme is progressive for the naturally confident parent and their ‘water’ baby, as all teachers are child specialists they are able to provide personalised guidance and development so allowing for those that respond to a more gentle introduction to the water. Classes are small and are held in an immaculately clean, warm, relaxed and enjoyable environment that both parent and baby will love being part of.


Of course parents are welcome to visit, watch a lesson and make their own judgement. We are confident you’ll be happy to enrol ... however if you’re still not sure you will be comforted to know that we offer a guarantee ... we call it our “Seeing is Believing’ guarantee and it’s simple ...  if after two lessons you don’t want to continue we’ll refund the balance of your course.


Buoyant BabiesTM Level 1 (Parents & Babies 3 – 9 months)

Introduction to the aquatic environment and foundation to progress to ‘Buoyant Babies’ Level 2


Congratulations on the arrival of your little swimmer. Our 'Buoyant Babies' Specialist lessons will ensure your first in water experience is both exciting and blissful for you and baby. Your baby will surprise you as our experienced teachers help you transition them gently from the early swimming reflexes they are born with through to conscious swimming movements such as floating, moving through the water front and back, submersions with a smile and holding on to the side (a safety imperative). Baby will learn these movements through specially designed progressive lessons based on our years of experience as specialists in baby swimming. And most importantly the environment is perfect – serene and private with a group of like minded parents in warm (34c) water - an absolute non negotiable for baby lessons.


Buoyant BabiesTM Level 2 (Parents & Babies 9 – 18 months)

Introduction to the aquatic environment and foundation to progress to ‘Buoyant Toddlers’


Babies love and have no inherent fear of the water so there’s no better time to start swimming lessons. ‘Buoyant Babies’ builds upon a baby’s natural love of and ability in the water introducing both parent and baby to water safety, correct and safe entries and exits, the importance of eye contact, correct holds for infants, submersions, holding on as well as free movement with an adult. They will develop the knowledge and instinct to rise to the surface and float or move to the side and hold on; skills that may one day save their life.


Buoyant BabiesTM Level 3 (Parents & Toddlers 18 – 24+ months)

 Developing water confidence and basic swimming and water safety skills as a foundation to progress to ‘Preschool’ level


‘Buoyant Toddlers’ thrive as they learn to swim more independently with the use of swimming aids and mum, dad or a guardian by their side for security and support. Learning is fun while focused. The programme begins with the introduction of correct and safe entries and exits (both free and accompanied), rolling from front to back, arm and leg movements, breath control and submersions, climbing out and jumping in. ‘Buoyant Toddlers’ then progress to develop co-ordination, bonding with their parent/guardian, social interaction, movements, rotations and finally independent movement.  The foundation skills taught in Buoyant Babies Level 1, such as, water safety, the importance of eye contact and correct holds for young children, are also reinforced throughout the programme.


Why ... Buoyant Babies?

Baby Swimming Lessons

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